I played chess with @RZA in a vision, the 5% got jealous
They saw me when? You can ask the Rocafella @S_C_

We ssssacrificed everrrything they saw me win
Yes! Danced on’m early so they saw me when?

For this rhyme you can call me “Saw Me When?”
Uuuuuuh****** saw me win, Uuuuh ******* saw me win

Hey Kim @KimKardashian , the 1% put me up against the 99%
Tell Ye @kanyewest he aint this GOOD @PUSHA_T’s president?

Hey Em @Eminem what’s up with Joey @JoeBudden ? Why’s he like that?
You know what I did to Jersey, told ya’ll I’d be right back

Why these streets call me like that? My swags full of oooooz
Pulled me over to the side and opened jackets full of jewels

To be frank, I spread the news like Frank, Sinatra
It’s all up in my posture, I’m all up in her chakras

Yoga splits, she’s all in, royal flush poker chips
I wear my shades at night the moon is a solar chip

I understand everything that you don’t say
And the only girl I trust right now is Dolce