In 2008 as soon as Barack Obama became president of the United States Of America, Washington D.C (District Of Columbia) lifted a 10 year ban on assault weapons.

Being as though it is his last term in office he should keep in mind that a famous actor by the name of John Wilkes Booth assassinated President Abraham Lincoln.

Out of all people, a well known actor was the one who did it. No one saw that coming.

And the other day the Pope said that the Paris attacks are apart of a World War III.

America is getting close to 100,000 Syrian refugees, and I just happen to be in one of the cities that those refugees are coming too.

And today an Egyptian Islamic women warns America that she should wake up or be wiped out.

Barack Obama has a lot on his mind doesn’t he?

Talk about pressure. What’s one to do in this sort of situation?

I would think about solutions and submit them to whom ever is in charge, but unfortunately at the moment the banks are playing with my money, I’m by myself, and I’m moving back to Europe next year where the love is.

In conclusion I want to know one thing.

Why is America trying to starve me infront of the world?