Ladies Ameerah Altaweel recent wrote via twitter about how women are basically suppressed and unappreciated. Do you think women are suppressed and unappreciated? I would never suppress a woman and I always appreciate them. When it comes to work and getting things done, how can you suppress what’s helping you? It only holds back everyone. Here is what she wrote below.

A man at work cares about his looks=elegant & presentable.
A woman at work cares about her looks=shallow & distracted! A man at work is being nice and social=friendly
A woman at work is being nice and friendly=flirtatious. A man at work not afraid to speak his mind=strong/confident
A woman at work not afraid to speak her mind=rude/unfeminine. A man at work puts family first=a great compassionate leader. A woman at work puts family first=emotional & unprofessional. Lets not even talk about the obvious: being paid less for the same work, having an unfair work environment with unfair rules & regulations. Lets talk about ppl judging ppl, lets be honest & admit the truth. It is “not fair” & it won’t be until we stop judging. Still women work harder & they won’t let stereotypes hold them back. I thank all the amazing Arab leading women I know 4 always inspiring me.”