Before my car accident, I popped pills and stayed in beef before
Strawberry banana spliffs Marley couldn’t beat the bull
They vouchin’ for niggaz who aint live, we aint feeling that
They fucked the game up again, I even brought thriller back!
Mogul after Mogul knows about it ask Puff
They tried to many times already, black trucks
The urban market put my lyrics under the scope and lied about
Don’t misinterpret my shit to get paid, rats I’m clout!
I see the future and they know I’m famous
We a bring the shit in like fuck you, I’m famous!
I’m an asset of the 21st century
Dumb motherfuckaz in a drought for a century
They took sanctions off of Cuba no more Scarface
Al Capones nickname, the European large face
They’re looking’ for Guliani, Giovani’s writin’ books
The Gambinos broke the story down about the french, look
Don’t that look like my dad on his front cover?
That nigga went on tv and told the feds to ally with Sicily, we love it!
You see why we both stay legal? These niggaz dumb!
26+ countries know my name ya’ll scum!

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