Jay Z’s ripping me off in front of niggaz,
Look at how I gotta keep it 100 niggaz,
Ya’ll proclaim Mafi coast we aint claim none of that,
We Via Della Spiga, you aint bring nuttin back,
That meeeans sssshit you neva lit before,
Black jeeeeans and sssshit you neva hit before,
She workin phat aaaass and tiny waist,
@iamdiddy Puff “workin’ sound like BadBoy 98,
I was in Sean Jean after a car crash,
I’m use to big money my nigga the malls cashed,
Don’t let @Chase craaaash runnin up the gut,
I’ll play safety, my facemaaaask a crush,
Hannakah, Mozal Tov,
@ToveLo lean on Sweden a follow Dons,
YO I been doin this before Top 40,
I was unsigned took it to the roc shorty,
They out here actin’ like I aint him again,
Call Phillies freshest Franklin up, call Benjamin.