[Since it’s World War 3] gangs are Terrorist Organizations. So how in the fuck can you deputize a gang Camden NJ? We don’t understand that. [Camden isn’t responding correctly]. Isis shot California up a couple of days ago. We understand Giovanni Gambino. Gangs are [Terrorist Organizations] who use a [rats system] that’s just detrimental to America during World War 3.

Who are they kidding out here? They’re lying on too many people in order to get paid or to free their families FUCK YOU. That shit is dead everywhere now. We understand Giovanni Gambino. Lets get one thing straight. I took the [British Secret Service] test in 2011 the MI5, even though I’m in music and film. Don’t you see that [the government is on my side everywhere] in this world? We live that shit everywhere.

What dickhead is in the way of that? Chase BANK IN TRENTON NJ owes me $26,000+ [That was all of my money]. They’re the reason I don’t have my job anymore. Now I applied for [Public Assistance] aka welfare. As legal as I am, If they don’t give me that in Camden NJ. It will be a state of emergency because they are not responding correctly in Camden NJ and it will be no mercy for [Terrorist Organizations] in front of the feds. I swear to god. You tried to embarrass me? FUCK YOU.