Barack Obama aka POTUS just released his weekly address. [Click here to see it] After reviewing it I have one question POTUS. Are you on heroin right now and is the former dope boy Jay Z your supplier?

The only reason you want to ban weapons in the United States right now is because a 10 year ban on assault weapons got lifted in Washington DC right before you stepped in the oval office in 2008. And someone took a shot at the White House in 2011 just before Thanksgiving. But its World War 3 and you’re no fucking Abraham Lincoln. No John Wilkes Booth is going to assassinate you.

Defend the 2nd amendment right now and the people will love you. I understand that America has over 365 mass shootings this year but let’s be honest. Who is that really being communicated too? Other countries are witnessing that. So don’t act like America needs to take weapons away. The people are living in fear.

Come on big guy. You have way more better things to do after leaving the oval office ok? Travel the world and do better things ok. Don’t you ever in your life make a speech like you’re high or suicidal infront of us again. OK? You’re supposed to be BACK2THEFRESH’s “Man Of The Year!” Now get up!