Before Jay Z helped the New Jersey Nets become the Brooklyn Nets DJ Yoshi Had the Nets blasting my music. And that was before my top 40 interview with California. Why did they do my career like that?

They did that shit in front of everybody. Oh ya’ll don’t know me now. iiight then. What ya’ll thought I died as soon as I got drafted into the league? I aint Len Bias niggaz. That nigga died two days after he got drafted into the NBA at the foul line.

Ya’ll niggaz foul foreal. [The young boys around me don’t even want to rap anymore because they saw what they did to me. That’s why I don’t have any of my own artist right now]. Ask Cherry Hill New Jersey. California didn’t even acknowledge that.


Before the Nets and my California interview, I had a song called “Wanna Be My Girl” in one of Art Camacho’s movies called “13 Dead Men”. If you fast-forward the movie to 28:24 seconds to 29:34 you can hear my song “Wanna Be My Girl” playing on the radio in the movie. That’s a full verse and a half. A full 70 seconds.

If you fast forward this movie to 1 hour and 24 minutes and 50 seconds, you’ll see my name “Wanna Be My Girl” Justis, Justis Publishing, 101 Entertainment , ASCAP & Justis, “Yesterday” Justis, Justis Publishing, 101 Entertainment , ASCAP. First of all I’m BMI second of all [I never got paid for this].

Before the Nets, the top 40 interview with California, and the movie, I was published in Julia Beverly’s Ozone Magazine‘s Hottest 16 bar section. Plus I use to be in Violator all of the time in Manhattan.

And not to mention how not too far after that, one of the United Kingdoms oldest music selling magazine Blues And Soul did an article on me about Independents doing big things. First of all I was in America when the United Kingdom did that. Unsigned.

So. After my hit and run accident in 2010 which left me with amnesia for 4 years, and only recording in Norway in 2013 because America acted like they didn’t know who I was as an artist, you expect me to believe that America has my best interest in mind? iiight then.

LOOK AT HOW smart Europe is. [They put me on the European S.I.S] list which prevents me from me going in 26 countries in Europe until next year. [They know I’m in America and they know what happened to me before I got there]. So who’s not watching my location in America while I’m still in it? So who’s not famous and why are they playing with my money?


Mr I don’t need to muscle people with my dads connections to get whats mines. OK?

P.S Not to mention the $26,000+ Chase Bank in Trenton NJ tried to keep and the $2,000 Mckensie And Company in Germany owes me.