[Verse] Speakers Are The Rulers

[Her Majestys the greatest] they’re [glad to see us make it]
They’re [mad to see us take it], it [had to be the papaz]
Uh oooh They’re Mac -11 Kid again,
Sun God, King Of The Gods, is how they live again,
Aye! What I make that coke boy beat for?
Hey! Even the dope boys streets bored,
[Speakers are the rulers] blast [speakers to the rumors]
I need a new chain custom [pieces from a jeweler]
[Last time I checked], [last time my sweats]
Was empty as shit they aint [sign my check]
What they got me out here like [that! fooor?]
I’m known to hit it from the top of the key and slap [back! boooards]
I aint falling’ down at the foul line that’s [Len Bias]
Him could of been better than Jordan, I’ve [been sired]
Rims, tires, might [roll up six]
For you lie on fly niggaz [hol’up bitch!]

[Poem] Her Majesty

Her Majestys the greatest
glad to see us make it
mad to see us take it
had to be the papaz
Speakers are the rulers
speakers to the rumors
pieces from a jeweler
Last time I checked
last time my sweats
sign my check

That! fooor?
Back! boooards
Len Bias
Been sired
Roll up six
Hol’up bitch!