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Certain events that took place a little more than half a century ago looks like they’re beginning to unfold again. What took place was a global event and different cultures and countries expressed it differently.

Adolph Hitler became aware of something and became misguided. He was sharp but he was off point. He was exposed to something that he wasn’t use too and he panicked.

He did not mean to do what he did to Jewish people or Judaism. He used the symbol of the swastika to promote his misguided agenda. That’s an ancient symbol that did not originate in Germany and it’s purpose was not to promote hate or destruction.

What took place sent alarms off everywhere and someone needed to be blamed because there was just too much confusion. Everyone thought they were right at the time. But they were wrong. Very wrong.

The Nazi’s would like to apologize. I know what happened isn’t easy to forget but they hope you accept their apology.