She gained weight so he stepped back,
And got another girl who asked, “where’s the check at?”
She only gained weight because she got comfortable and persistent,
And didn’t understand what attracted him had to remain consistent,
But he made her change so she didn’t attract his enemies,
So who is to blame for the relationships memory?
His jealousy that destroyed who, she, was?
Or her devotion? It’s like a movie, love.
So you mean to tell me he made her destroy herself?
If love is war I’ll Armani her belt,
I’ll Balmain her dress so she can be prepared,
Gucci her shoes, legs crossed in the chair,
Drop a sheet of perfume on her whole body,
Who smells better than you? Nobody,
Don’t you know fashion is Armor?
That’s a wardrobe, you prepared for Karma?