[In this picture, the martinis had me a little intoxicated]

This past summer after coming from Rittenhouse Square. I dined at Blue Martini in Philadelphia Pa, Olde City section. That was the first time I’ve eaten at that particular restaurant even though I’m no stranger to the restaurants, clubs, and lounges in that area. Bleu Martini is upscale and there is a certain dress code. It’s one of the best premier lounges in the Delaware Valley. It’s frequently visited by pro athletes and other famous people. The food is spectacular and so are the cocktails. I for one am a fan of the mouth-watering Bleu Martini Wings. The different kinds of Martinis are almost endless.

I dined alone there one night after sitting outside smoking with a bunch of people from Haddonfield New Jersey before I went inside. [I smoke Djarums cigarettes sometimes after jogging to test my next jog. 20 Miles any given time].

But if you are looking for a safe, elegant, fun lounge, with great security, Bleu Martini in Olde City in Philadelphia Pa is the place to go. See you there one day.

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