Today at about 9:30am I stepped inside of the office of [charles m. izzo] NJ Attorney. They claim to specialize in bankruptcy’s, municipal, and civil matters. After speaking with him personally about a week or two ago his secretary told me that he chose not to take my case. I went to him to see if he could help me to recover the $26,300 that Chase Bank in Trenton NJ kept of mines after they closed my bank account in August 2015, see here: Chase Bank, Trenton NJ. Let me remind you guys about how I’m too famous to be living in Camden NJ on public assistance because Chase Bank in Trenton NJ got me fired! I’ll never recommend [charles m izzo] to anyone. his office is located at 116 North 2nd Street, Camden, NJ 08102 tel: 856 – 757 – 0550. One down and 1000+ to go. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the state of NJ is working together against me.