Camden NJ has a [billion dollar master plan] in position. When I came back to the 9 square mile city in 2010, after my hit and run accident in Voorhees NJ that left me with amnesia for 4 whole years, it was a developing suburb. After a rap music video got filmed in the area, the section started to depreciate rapidly.

New people started coming around, constant visible police presence virtually disappeared, and gangs appeared.

Now with Camden County Police Force, Rutgers University Police Force, Camden Counted College Security, and other law enforcement within the city, something’s not right. Last year one source of mines revealed that their were 26 police forces in Camden NJ alone.

I’m assuming that Those 26 police forces meant representatives from 26 surrounding cities.

During my 4 years of amnesia, I only recall one person acting as if they knew who I was, and was devastated. I haven’t seen him since and that was in 2010.

But take a look at the music video below and ask yourself one question. How safe is Camden NJ for multi million dollar companies to relocate there, and why should a billion dollar master plan be even up for discussion.