Last night in Camden NJ after taking a short walk I ran into two Comcast cable representatives on the corner of 3rd & Vine Street in the North Camden section of the city. I spoke with Lawrence Garifo and his manager Brian. They were able to tell me everything about Comcast cable and how great it is. First of all let me inform you that I’m a former Verizon customer and I am SOLD on Comcast cable.

They basically guaranteed me that they’re cable is superior to their competitors in the area [Verizon, Direct TV, etc. They offer a triple play which includes cable tv, internet and phone [dvr records for 6 hours]. If you are interested in their company like I am, contact them at the information provided below.

304 S. Broad St
Woodbury, NJ 08096
Mobile # 856-449-2018
Fax# 856-579-4717