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Close To Perfection

Corporations are entities that can sue, sale, buy, and get sued just like a real person. The only difference is that it doesn’t have a heart or its own brain. It has to be controlled by one or more qualified people who are capable enough to operate it. The average corporation thinks about its competition. And 10 times out of 10 that’s an external company because that’s the way the people who control it thinks. Thats the way they’ve been trained. They’ve been trained to compete against others automatically.

My whole thing about that is that if you always compete with others trying to keep up with them, you can’t possibly evolve the way you’re intended to. The world would be better off if the people who controlled and operate corporations focused on mastering themselves. That way more money will circulate through their corporation and ultimately through other corporations the way it was intended to change from hand to hand. Doing it that way garauntees you’ll receive 100% of the benefits and blessings of your work.

That still doesn’t make it a perfect world but it’s pretty close to it. I know most of us were raised to compete with others as children, and then you turn around and treat your corporations like your child and teach them to compete with others the same way you’ve been taught [theoretically]. That’s not your fault, it’s no one elses but the generation before you who taught you to compete.

It’s sown into the fabric of your way of life. That’s the way they wanted to raise you be it a family, cultural, generational, or country thing. It’s 2016 and a whole new century meaning, things are done a lot differently from how they use to be done. As I sit inside of the Liberty One building in the Center City section of Philadelphia Pa, directly across the street from “UNIQLO”, I can’t help but to think about how clothing stores sit side by side and compete with one another for business.

Seasons change and markets come and go but at the end of the day marketing can be done anytime and anywhere without resistance, in order to attract income virtually from anywhere and anyone in the world.