BACK2THEFRESH (EX) The northern side of Camden NJ has 18 corner stores, barbershops & salons, 1 bar, 1 liquor store, 5 churches, and 1 Chinese Restaurant. That’s about 29 stores within 10 small blocks.
The front of North Camden is Elm Street, and Mancinis liquor store on Elm Street is the head business of North Camden. The name that rings a bell the most when you speak of Mancini’s liquor store is Jack.

Jacks from Jordan. He’s been around for almost if not a quarter of a century. He and his partners started out with a pizza shop.

As soon as you come from under the bridge coming from Rutgers University which is South Camden, you’re in North Camden. No one quite understood that until now.

Even though North Camden has different cultures in it, all 18 corner stores are occupied by Dominicans and Puerto Ricans. Those are the only two cultures I’ve ever seen occupy a corner store in that section.

My sources say that in the early 90’s there was an older African American man who ran a small corner store next to Nino’s Grocery.

Nino’s Grocery is on the corner of 2nd and York Street. Nino’s has been around for more than a quarter of a century also.

With so many corner stores within 10 blocks I don’t know how they all survive. I mean there’s a billion dollar master plan for Camden NJ but there haven’t been any major upgrades in North Camden.

I’ve watched all sides of the city make major upgrades but not North Camden. With the university district (4 universities & colleges) just up the street, something is off and distant from the solid truth.

I watch the stocks market occasionally, I’m a few credits from a degree, I don’t have a corner store in North Camden, but I’m as international business as they come.

And staying a head of the curve is what I specialize in most.