Lowest Prices – Highest Quality – Largest Variety
5 Locations In Philadelphia Pa.

Nuts To You has to be one of the tastiest stores I’ve ever been in. They boast about having the “The freshest roasted gourmet nuts, mixed nuts, plus more“. I’ve tasted the dry fruits and they are my favorite so far. Dried kiwi and dried mangoes are great for energy. I’ve also tasted the Date Rolls, and they are to die for. They’re perfect to eat while drinking hot tea. 

The candy section brings out the store the most. They have assorted chocolates, nuts, gummy bears, mints, rootbeer barrels, lolly pops, pretzels, and so much more. Philadelphia Pa has 5 locations and they are 22-24 South 20th Street, 721 Walnut Street, 1328 Walnut Street, Bustleton Somerton Shopping Center 10861 Bustleton Avenue, and 16th & Market Street. You can go directly into the store and shop or order online.