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Probably saw me in Brooklyn at age 21
Story written all in a book, page 21
All this gossip how it is and how my biness aint
I gets busy, Master P No Limit Tank
Cajun on the plate at the party ya’ll passed
Deep in the south like a Mardi Gras mask
Text me if its checks, call me if its cash
I’m with the ball playaz can’t out ball in a crash
Rewind 9 summers yes 9’s the highest number
Evertime I think of Boston Celtics, Len Bias come up
Detroit Michigan Motor City empires come up
I crossed over whoever are they bias or what?
But I get my business on without finishin’ the class
Bill Gates made a billion without finishin the class
Bloke Blues and Soul Mag I was British in the past
Coach, Its a new a day I see the critics tryna last