Wegmans is celebrating its 100th year. I’ve been a Wegmans member for a while now, and I’m convinced. I’m convinced that it has to be the best supermarket in all of North America.

I shop at the Cherry Hill, New Jersey location down the street from Cherry Hill Mall.

The quality of Wegmans is just phenomenal. There is only one thing I miss the most at Wegmans, and they are Peruvian Mangoes.

I haven’t had those in almost a whole year. All I see in there now are Mexican and Puerto Rican mangoes.

They are good but not as good as the Peruvian Mangoes. The fruit and vegetable section of Wegmans just isn’t quite the same without them.

Sometimes I’ll walk my shopping cart through the whole store while eating a plate of sushi “California Rolls” and drinking coconut water.

I don’t know about you but I’m like a kid in a supermarket. I’ve only been food shopping for myself and all by myself for about 3 years now, and I think I have it mastered.

Orange mandarin chicken and rice from P.F Chang, fresh orange juice without pulps, peanut butter & jelly, Sicilian pistachio gelato, clams, Campbell soup, rice, mac & cheese, diet coca cola, fresh shrimp from Belize, ciabatta bread, etc.

Wegmans even has a second floor where you can eat while completing work. Its great for lunch or breaks.

I highly recommend the “Family Pack”. Some family packs include Wegmans Asian Mango, Farro & Green Bean Salad, Wegmans Chicken Dumplings, BBQ Pulled Pork, Macaroni salad party bucket, and more.

But if you’re looking for great food at a good price, shop at Wegmans.