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blade [Wesley Snipes in the film Blade]

Making his first film debut in 1986, Bronx New Yorks Wesley Snipes has to be one of the top 5 African American actors of all time.

You know him from movies like New Jack City, Blade, White Men Can’t Jump, Passenger 57, and Sugar Hill.

In both films New Jack City and Sugar Hill, he epitomised what a drug lord was.

In White Men Can’t Jump, he epitomised what a hustler was. Who could forget Blade? Vampire movies were never the same after that one.

Not all actors are as diverse as Wesley Snipes. His transition from film to film has sort of a smooth polish to it.

He doesn’t carry debris of his previous films character. You see a different person in each and every film. From hero to villain he excels at it.

If you ever mention Denzel Washington or Will Smith, you have to say Wesley Snipes. Those are the only two contemporaries that compliment his style.

Here is Wesley Snipes speaking about his last film Chi-Raq