Camden NJ police officer Eddie Gonzalez is great at what he does. I began taking notice since July of 2015. He’s patrolled the north Camden streets like no other police officer I’ve seen since I moved back from Europe in 2013. He usually sat in his vehicle alone making sure that the streets were safe enough for the children to play in. There are many officers who have patroled York street, but no one changes the tone of the environment like Eddie Gonzalez.

When he’s around it gets quiet, the girls come out, and crime is virtually non-existent. And when he’s not around the behavior changes drastically. My next door neighbor and I usually speak to him but I don’t know if anyone else does.

Camden NJ needs more police offices like him, considering the fact that there is a billion dollar master plan on the table.” The rude awakening is that not everyone wants to see that plan come to fruition. I’ve been all over the 9 square mile city and I’ve noticed how as soon as one side gets reorganized and rebuilt, people deteriorate it as soon as the builders leave. And it’s an often gradual process.

Just 2 miles away in the city of Philadelphia Pa, a new Caucasian mayor sits in his position reorganizing his city, while a great migration happens. Sources say that former ex African-American mayor Michael Nutters followers moved to Camden NJ ,because they are not to fond of how Philadelphia’s new mayor operates and wants things done their way.

So officer Eddie Gonzalez, keep up the great work. And continue to inspire excellence In front of the face of adversity, because 36 other cities in Camden Countys 37 municipalities are all watching.

800 Federal St, Camden, NJ 08103
Phone: (856) 757-7400