Rumor has it that Nicky Scarfo Jr called me “electrifying” since the music & film biz is sitting back watching, after the comment I made yesterday via facebook & twitter. Here is what I posted,

Got my dads enemies around me like, “He aint mafioso yet?”
Haaaa ha. Scarfos trial was last Thursday, they gave him 30 years and my dad is on house arrest in Florida. America should probably get these rats away from me trying to trap me while the music & film biz watches. “I’m too legal to play that kind of game with grown men”. You’re nothing like us. That kind of hate, jealousy, & envy shouldn’t exist in this world. Call yourself a mafioso in America if you want. #BACK2THEFRESH on asignment!

Nicky Scarfo Jr was sentenced to 30 years in prison this past summer.

Read more about it by going here: http://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Nicky-Scarfo-Philly-Mob-Mafia-Sentencing-Boss-318996591.html