Breaking News. There have been a bunch of people claiming to be me in order to get sexual favors and groupie attention for a few years now. Unfortunately those men claiming to be who I am have been spreading the H.I.V virus.

This is a serious matter so I felt as though the general public needed to be informed as soon as possible. Ladies, my picture is on the right hand side of my site back2thefresh.me. My biography and contact information is also on the site.

Under no circumstances should you believe someone who doesn’t look or dress the way I do. In fact as soon as I caught wind of the problem I started wearing the same thing everyday and the cologne I wear cannot be mistaken for anything else.

It’s sad to hear stories about how different females have my children when we’ve never met personally anywhere. It’s out of hand. The impersonators and perpetrators should be put to sleep in a gas chamber if they are in this world spreading the H.I.V virus knowingly and deliberately. Don’t ruin lives by pretending to be someone in the entertainment business.

I’m begging the general public to know who’s who. I am not to be blamed for anyones mistake under any circumstances. Here is a few things you should know about me. I’m highly intelligent and I currently reside on the east coast of The United States.

I produce all genres of music as well as write all genres of music. I’m with BMI and I haven’t recorded in the United States in 7 years. The last time I recorded music in a recording studio was in 2013 in Oslo. I used to different studios. One was a home studio and the other was in a building. I’m also the current C.E.O of Excalibershine Enterprises LLC & Change 4 A Dollar Records. Previews of my forthcoming book “All Sun All Moon” has created a level of anticipation that has Hollywood execs snooping around.

People call me Justis, Jus, Justis James, Duronn, Duronn James, and H.E Duronn “Justis James” Salvatore Merlino Excalibershine. I’m half Italian and half Mohawk (Iroquoian). I haven’t had sex in 2 years by choice. My last relationship was with an Italian artist from Pennsylvania. So I’d appreciate it if grown men would stop pretending to be me when no ones around. You’ve shattered to many lives already.

The only thing I can say is that I apologise to the ladies who have been tricked by dirty lying scumbags in order to get into their pants.


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