BACK2THEFRESH (AP) In the 21st century ISIS is the self proclaimed new Caliphate. 99% of the time when one speaks about ISIS  they refer to it as a terroristic organisation who’s attacks have been world wide. They come from Iraq and Syria.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The United States government and Barack Obama’s allowing 90,000 Syrian refugees to enter into the state of New Jersey. That’s one of the main reasons Russia became angered with the United States.

Now if ISIS is the self proclaimed new Caliphate that can only mean two things and two things only. Those two things are that they have someone who’s a direct descendant of Muhammad or they have the Mahdi.

Calling yourself the new self proclaimed Caliphate has to be a war within itself. It’s an ongoing power struggle.

At the age of 40 in 610 the founder of Islam began receiving his first revelations from the supreme being. I say supreme being because all of the the major religions [Islam, Judaism, & Christianity] understands it more clearer.

Now the two main sects of Islam are Sunni and Shia. The Sunni follows the Sunna [Muslim Law] together with the Koran. And they accept the first three Caliphs.

The first Caliph is Muhammads father in law. I understand the Sunni. They wanted to keep the power and tradition.

The Shia rejects the first three Caliphs and regard Ali as Muhammads first true successor. Not only was Ali Muhammads son in law but he was also Muhammads cousin. Ali married Muhammads daughter Fatima. He’s the fourth Caliph.

I comprehend why he married Fatima. He wanted to keep the power inside of the bloodline. The authority is by divine right. Ali is the fourth just like Muhammad was the fourth. Muhammad built on and perfected the teachings of Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

That amount of power caused a family feud between in-laws and blood relatives.

So who do you think ISIS has with them in order for them to call themselves the new Caliphate? The Mahdi who is supposed to be the 12th Imam or someone who is a direct descendant of Muhammad himself? They could be one in the same.

I comprehend Islam but I don’t understand terrorism.