My grandfather passed away before I even got the chance to meet him. He passed away in a prison in Texas in 2012. I still had amnesia during that time, so I didn’t know who I was and I didn’t know he was my grandfather.

I didn’t find all of this out until I left Northeastern Sicily [Messina] September of 2013. And the strange thing about it, is that I wasn’t even planning on going out to Sicily during that time. I was scheduled to perform in Oslo at a fashion event.

I had to cancel at the last-minute because of an unforeseen incident. After returning from Sicily I ended up performing in Oslo that Thanksgiving night.

But I did a little research and I found out that there is a Merlino, Italy. So I suppose my grandfathers family came from Merlino, Italy. I haven’t gone there yet but I’ll make sure I visit there before going back to Messina, Sicily.

My last name isn’t Merlino, It’s James, and It’s in the process of changing to Excalibershine like the company Excalibershine Enterprises LLC I started in 2015 and the environmentally friendly fraternity I started In 2011 called [Excalibershine].

I’ve read about how they portrayed my grandfather, and I’ve read and seen how they’ve been portraying the father I’ve never met, Joey Merlino. The east coast of the United States hasn’t been to kind to me or them.

And I’m not changing my last name to Excalibershine to hide or anything like that. I just had to create a brand new foundation for myself that communicates effectively without deceiving the general public. My grandfather was a gangster and my fathers a gangster.

That’s not the way the general public has ever viewed me. The newspapers and the magazines in the United States and in Europe have always viewed me to be in entertainment.

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