Barack Hussein Obama is half caucasian and half Nigerian. He arrived in Chicago in his 20’s. He’s the 44th democratic U.S President who served two terms in office, between 2009 and 2017.

I would say that he’s a constitutional lawyer disquised as a president. So he clearly understands the phrases, “We The People”, and “Freedom Of Speech”. He’s well expressed and articulate to the point that nothing is ever misunderstood.

I’ve gaped at history extensively enough to countersign what he’s done. I don’t view him as the first African American President because that’s half the concept. His fathers West African and his mother’s a caucasian American [English background], so the title biracial or mulatto honestly suits him.

Years from now elementary school children will open up a book and say, “Hey, Barack Obama was the 44th President of the U.S, and this is what he is, it says it right here. He held the highest position in the United States during this time period and this was accomplished”.

Louis Farrakhan has been the leader of the Nation Of Islam for 39 years. They are headquartered in Chicago. That’s the same exact city Barack Obama came from before becoming the U.S President.

Louis Farrakhan is an excellent speaker also but he doesn’t speak for “We The People”.

He speaks for his organization and an organization is an individual group. His group was founded 87 years ago, unlike Barack Obamas Democrats, who’s been around for almost 230 years.

Barack Obama isn’t racist and he was designed to be diverse, because that’s excactly what this 21st century requires, and request, in order to sustain a higher quality of life.

Evolution is the only thing I’ll ever prescribe anyone to surrender to.

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