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Dear Rutgers University in New Jersey. Your Camden NJ Campus has 3 libraries on it. The library directly across from the law library is the Camden Public Free Library. To be frank, I’ve never seen a public library on any University Campus in the United States period.

While the University has expanded out into Collingwood NJ and Blackwood NJ on Camden County College’s campus, its Camden NJ campus has been depreciating drastically. The number one reason it’s been depreciating is because of the Camden County Free Library on its campus.

The homeless shelters in the area exits it’s doors early in the morning, making each and every homeless individual carry all of their belongings. And many times they all come to the Camden County Free Public library housed on Rutgers University.

Students spend 10’s of thousands of dollars each year on tuition so that they can get a degree at Rutgers University, for it to only look like a crack heads den on some days.

City Hall is just two blocks away and The Supreme Court is just around the corner. Camden New Jersey just received 1 billion dollars, so someone please explain why this is happening. Place new wine in old bottles and they crack. New wine for new bottles.

I’m two semesters shy of a business degree and I’ve been traveling between the 3 libraries on Rutgers University Camden campus for quite some time now meticulously getting my work done. And I honestly think what I’m seeing is simply revolting.

Donald Trumps steps into the oval office Friday January 20th 2017, and as a tax paying republican I’m very annoyed that the educated and ruling class got disrespected the way it did for 8 years straight. As an ASMALLWORLD & INTER-NATIONS member, its sad to see that this event took place for so long.

Hopefully for Americas sake things turn around within a blink of an eye starting with Rutgers University.

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