BACK2THEFERSH (AP) The Police And Fire Federal Credit Union in Philadelphia Pa’s China Town section is the 4th bank to put a lock on my bank account on the east coast. They put a lock on my account and claimed the money in my account did not belong to me.

Not only am I the C.E.O of Excalibershine Enterprises LLC but I’m also employed by another company.

Now as a tax paying voting citizen who’s voted for both Barack Obama and Donald Trump, I get the feeling that The United States is so divided, that Moses could walk through it from coast to coast, with the entire Jewish community and I, without anyone noticing.

For my new and future employees. With the exception of The Rothschild Banking Group and Charles Schwab, I’ll never hire you if you don’t have a PayPal account and a prepaid visa or master card so that you can get direct deposit on it.

In fact, I’ve even flirted with the idea of starting my own bank, but it’s just a thought. It’s a single thought like money was a thought.

As Global as I am, I don’t like the narrow-minded, petty attempts that have been designed to impede my progress in front of the general public.

As connected as I am, I don’t like the fact that the United States Of America has sat back and watched it happen to me over and over without lending a helping hand.

As influential as I am, I’m extremely careful about what I say publicly, because I understand the power I have.

As organized as I am, I’ve paid close attention to every ripple I’ve seen when it comes to my personal life, well – being, and money.

After my unsolved hit and run accident in 2010 that left me with 4 years of amnesia I’ve had no choice.

With that being said, “In front of Great Britain (U.K), I’m kind of talented to be toyed with like Michael Jackson was toyed with”.

In the 21st century, content is still king, and I only trust money. I’m sure every Wall Street hustler  understands that.