Christianity and Judaism, the founder of the Islamic religion’s name is Muhammad and he was born in the year 570. I’ll never understand how a racist anti-semitic named Elijah Muhammed became founder of something called The Nation Of Islam.

Elijah Muhammad was not married to Khadija. Elijah Muhammad did not come to add on and perfect the teachings of Judaism and Christianity like Muhammad from the year 570 did.

Christianity, Judaism, and Islam is not to be tampered with. It came as a package from the supreme being. If 1 of those 3 main religions happen to be your belief system then, anything claiming to be what they are and doesn’t prove to be, has to be false.

When you look at the over all picture, those 3 main religions are not meant to be at war with each other. All 3 are meant to be 1 under the same supreme being. I’ll never go against true Christianity, true Judaism, and true Islam because of what’s understood to be true.

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