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BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Wednesday, February 1st 2017 at 4:37pm I received a phone call from the Abington Township Police department in Abington Pa http://www.abingtonpd.org. Detective Rob Davis asked me to come into the department because my name had come up in an investigation.

I told him that I’d be there that night on mountain bike because it’s my only form of transportation at the current moment. Unfortunately I was unable to make it there because I couldn’t get a hold of him so I rescheduled for Thursday, February 2nd. He said no problem and that he’d be in at 3pm.

The following day I managed to make it to the department on my mountain bike from South Jersey to Abington Pennsylvania in the cold.

We greeted each other and began discussing how funds from my bank account at received funds from another members account at Police And Fire Federal Credit Union. He said that two women reported that I received un-authorized transactions.

I immediately told him that was impossible because my employer Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC http://www.derbyss.com deposited those funds into my account and had given me specific instructions on what to do with them. I then forwarded the conversations in the emails between Derby and I to Detective Rob Davis proving to him that I was merely following instructions from a new employer.

Those emails specifically showed Detective Rob Davis that I received funds from Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC and said that the sender was Stacey M. Vinci In Philadelphia Pa. One transfer was for the amount of $1,900.00 with the Tracking Number: 20170113B6B7HU4R008889 attached to it.

The other amount deposited into my account was from the same source in the amount of $2,500 with the Tracking Number: 20170113B6B7HU4R00762 attached to it. I made sure that I kept all of my receipts of all transactions. I made sure that I always stepped inside of the bank because I was employed at a similar company by the name of I Global Property Limited in 2015 that doesn’t exist anymore.

And unfortunately the same exact thing took place in Trenton NJ (Chase Bank). But I opened the account up there because I was under the assumption that a Police Department was inside of it on the lower level. There is a Philadelphia Police Department directly around the corner so I couldn’t understand why a report wasn’t filed with the Philadelphia Police Department just a block down the street.

I go on to tell Detective Rob Davis about how my resume is on careerbuilder, monster.com, and other employment sites. And that some employers started emailing me directly as opposed to contacting me on those career sites.

And that a company by the name Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC has contacted me and offered me a little over $2,000/month. They said that they’d pay me in advance so I immediately opened up an account at the Police And Fire Federal Credit Union because I needed the money. It only cost $5 to open the account but I opened it with $100.

I left the branch after opening the account, withdrew $60, and headed to the Sugar House Casino on Delaware Ave. I don’t normally gamble but I wanted to celebrate for getting a new source of income. After departing the Casino I checked my balance to see whether Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC has deposited my $2,000+ advance. I ended up making it home and realized that I had lost my mini booklet with my account number on it.

I ended up going to see another banker at the same exact bank to let them know that I’d lost my bank information, so I needed them to close that account for me and open up another account. I didn’t want anyone using my information. The banker said that wouldn’t be a problem and stated that she’d open up another account for me but wouldn’t be able to close the initial account because they had to wait for Dunkin Donuts to take the $5.00 out that I owed them.

I destroyed that initial bank card in front of the banker and she designed a new one for me right there on the spot. Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC ended up emailing and called me stating that a new deposit had entered into my account. I went to the bank that Saturday and asked a bank teller whether I’d received a deposit and she specifically said, “No, direct deposits don’t come in on the weekend, try back on Monday”.

I then waited in line to see a banker because that’s not what I knew to be true. I finally spoke with a banker and she said yes you received a deposit in your initial account. So I asked kindly if she could transfer those funds from my initial account that is scheduled to be closed into my new account. She said, “Sure, no problem,” and walked over to the bank teller and transferred those funds directly into my new account without a problem. I thanked her, and asked whether she wanted lunch or a $20, she said she wasn’t able too.

I walked down stairs to the ATM and withdrew $100 from my new account to get lunch. A few hours later I tried to use my ATM card and it said that my account was locked. Later on that night I realized that the bank had called and left a voice message asking me to come into the bank on Monday. I arrive at the bank on Monday and all of a sudden lost prevention tells me that the funds did not belong to me.

I felt extremely bewildered because there is no way in this world that I’m out on the East coast of America getting stalked, and plotted on by robbers who ended up following me home because somehow they mysteriously knew that I had that kind of money on me. And they still think I do. So I’m in danger with a locked bank account.

I called Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC to let them know that my account was locked and that the bank claimed that the funds did not belong to me. Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC said that they’d contact the bank and take care of it.

On Thursday January 26th at 4:09pm est Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC wrote me and said that they are trying to fix the problem, and asked whether I closed another account. I replied, “I closed the first account. I just called and they said that the new account was-$1900”. I haven’t heard from Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC since.

I never received the $2,000 + in advance Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC promised. What happened instead is that the Police And Fire Federal Credit Union on 901 Arch Street in Philadelphia Pa ended up locking my account, claimed the funds deposited into my account by Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC did not belong to me, and I’m being stalked by unknown individuals. I’m in dire need of a safe house.
Detective Rob Davis at the Abington Township Police Department said that women claimed I put their funds into my account, and he wanted to know how I did that. That wasn’t the case at all. I thought I was at work like every other tax paying voting citizen.

Derby Shipping Service Payment Solutions LLC deposited funds into my new bank account because I submitted a company application and direct deposit information, that included my home address and social security number.

Detective Rob Davis and the Abington Township Police department. I’d like to thank you for calling. Now I have peace of mind.

Conspiracy – A secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful.