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(Q) What’s going on Jack? How is the Alcohol business?

(A) Pretty good. Like all other businesses. The person makes the business right.

(Q) How long have you been involved in this particular business?

(A) I’ve been involved in this business since 1994.

(Q) What’s your favorite thing to drink?

(A) My favorite thing to drink is Cognac and Single Malt Mac Callans Scotch.

(Q) What separates you from your competitors in America?

(A) The thing that separates me from competitors in America is hospitality and courtesy.

(Q) Camden County New Jersey has 36 cities in it, and Camden happens to be the name of the city your business does business in. As a business leader in your community what can we expect from you?

(A) As a business leader in Camden NJ you can expect me to support the little league baseball teams throughout the years like I’ve done. We need the residents, businesses, and developers who believe in the future of Camden NJ to stick around so they can see that the future we hoped for is here and coming. We must continue to make it happen because jobs are being created for the residents.

(Q) You are just up the street from Little Slice Of New York Pizzaria. Have you guys ever partnered up?

(A) No. We’ve never partnered up. But I’m familiar with the pizza shop.

(Q) I voted for Donald Trump. Who did you vote for?

(A) I didn’t vote for either of them. Foreign policy is not what it’s based on. Our claim of risk and justice should not be corporate.

Thank you for doing Q&A with us Jack. And we wish you the best of luck.

Jack Jordan Inc.
Mancine’s Liquor
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601 N. 3rd St. Camden, NJ 08102