Camden Picture
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Last year in 2016 the Southwestern New Jersey city Camden NJ received approximately 1 billion dollars for economic development. 1 billion dollars is certainly a lot for a 9 square mile city. Now questions need to be distributed evenly across the board in order to see how, where, and why funds were spent. And whether nepotism had anything to do with the 1 billion dollar budget.

The first 500 million dollar plan I was apart of was about 8 years ago, so I’m pretty versed and head strong in matters pertaining to projects well over 100 million dollars. The thing about money is that you have to be prepared to receive it, or it will be squandered even before a bank account is opened. Personally I don’t think Camden NJ was prepared to receive 1 billion dollars.

If it were, crime would have reduced by 90% 6 months prior to receiving a dime. It would have been reduced by that amount because the police force would have been the first to receive funding in order to protect it because all crime did was increase when people heard about the forthcoming budget. I mean the military weapons manufacturer Lockheed Martin and the military surveillance manufacturer 3L Communications has a presence in the city but they do it for the big boys.

I know for a fact that everyone is not qualified for their position. How in the world can you not be qualified for your position when there is a University district in the center of Camden? It’s a complete joke. Some people hire the unqualified because they know who they are, but the downside to that is that the qualified want their piece of the pie now and today. And it’s getting extremely feisty.

It’s 2017 and the republican Donald Trump is Americas new commander and chief. Every unqualified person has to receive some sort of tap on his or her shoulder to let them know that they have to exit the stage as soon as possible in order to save face.

The residents want and request new jobs and higher wages. And at the same time other cities have begun bringing their businesses to Camden NJ because of tax incentives. I have a business but it isn’t in Camden NJ. I would never place my current business in the city of Camden NJ because it is too dangerous. The only kind of business I’d personally place inside of Camden NJ is a Candy Shop, Burger King, or a law firm.

When it comes to private equity deals and IPO’s I’m an avid reader of Dan Primack, Fortune Magazine, Forbes Magazine, Bloomberg, and The Wall Street Journal. And this is the first and last time I’ll publicly say that. How invincible is camden NJ to be city invincible?

Camden New Jersey’s 1 Billion Dollar Master Plan