The day after I posted that I was going to take my shahada in Europe after I get back, I hear that someone put $60,000 on my head. DO YOU HATE ISLAM THAT MUCH? Did you hand out at-least 50% – 80% yet in order for someone to believe that they’ll get paid? If no one received that than you have to be the biggest con artist in history. You mention that amount of money when people are this hungry in AMERICA, you have to at least give out 50% upfront or they might turn around and harm you. To save you, I’ll tell you what. Give me $30,000 and I’ll disappear for one full year. And once I arrive at my destination, you can wire the remaining $30,000. And in 3 years time I’ll give $60,000 away to someone. But you can never know my location.Take my advice. Don’t end up in prison for life.


Your investment

Duronn “Justis James”

Postscript (P.S)

As-salamu alaykum Shia.

All Sun All Moon Book Promo

CLOUT” An 11 Minute Short Film

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