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Everyone wants something. Everyone wants to be somebody. Everyone wants to increase what they have. Everyone wants to go some place. In order to get something, be somebody, increase what you have, or go somewhere you have to be prepared for it.

For example, someone wins 1 million dollars playing the lottery. One minute it’s something they’ve always wanted to happen for them, and then the next they feel as though its become a problem. They feel as though it has become a problem because they never prepared to receive it.

And because they’ve never prepared to receive it, they’ve lost friends, are at odds with family, and they squander those winnings. Someone who was prepared to receive a million dollars would have never have had the same problems as the unprepared.

An athlete practices many hours for years before they become an expert at it. Without that practice they would never become a professional. They would never make it to the Olympic Games. You would never see them on television without preparation.

Once the world see’s that you are prepared to live in a world where excellence is a must, the doors open without resistance.

If you were raised in an inner city (the area near the center of a city, especially when associated with social and economic problems) and always had dreams to move to a suburb, you will not live there for too long if you are not prepared to live there.

You cannot live a suburban life with inner city morals because the problems are not the same. You definitely don’t want to move into a suburb as a problem. You want to move into a suburb as a solution. What can you bring to the table in your new community?

How can you help to sustain its existence? Do you compliment the quality of life? Are you prepared to be there? Preparation is a code.

In the bibles new testament section, if Jesus had not been prepared by the rabbis, he would have not received Christ, hence Christianity. Preparation is a code.

In the bibles old testament section, if David had not been prepared for battle in the true and living gods army, he would have never become King David. Preparation is a code.

And if Christianity and Judaism weren’t created neither would Islam because the Islamic prophet Mohammed came to add-on and perfect the teachings of prophets before him in those two other religions. Preparation is a code.

Be prepared to receive what you want so that your piece of the puzzle fits in perfectly completing the big picture.

Know what, how, who, and why you want what you want. Make it your desire. Don’t just wish. Prepare to receive what you want. Practice makes perfect but persistence makes you believe in yourself, and that’s called faith. And faith is confidence in someone or something. Preparation is a code.

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