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Norway Shooter
[This is an image from the Twitter page of Anders Behring Breivik, when he was 32 years of age]

BACK2THEFRESH (AP) The Asian – Indian symbol “The Swastika” began rising worldwide again during Barack Obama’s term in office right after Anders Breivik Nazi Saluted in a courtroom.

We suspect that he became a Nazi after receiving death threats after mass murdering 77 people  in Norway on July 22nd  2011 in 3 hours. Making that situation the worst atrocity since world war II. And he was disguised as a police officer when he did it. I lived in Oslo for 6 moths in 2013, and I don’t think it happened because of the Islamification of Norway. I know Oslo.

Why would a Norwegian sacrifice all Norwegians the way he did who were not Islamic? If Anders Breivik had the correct discipline that event would have never taken place. I say that because I was toyed with while I was in Oslo and Islam wasn’t the culprit.

I owe my discipline to Excalibershine for keeping me solid in mind and pure in heart. Norway, a royal nation in Europe who’s not apart of the European Union, should consider the fact that world war 3 began, and someone took the fall.

Anders Breivik telephoned police stating that he was a member of a Christian religious military order by the name of “Knights Templar”. Why would Christians murder Christians that way and blame Islam? Christians and Muslims should sit down and discuss what happened at a round table clear-headed and figure it out using deductive reasoning. Because clearly there is a silent enemy.

The victims may have been foreign exchange students