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Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson is currently listed by Forbes as 324th richest man in the world Reuters

The United Kingdoms, Sir Richard Branson appears to be leading the 21st century when it comes to space exploration. The first time I’ve heard of his name was in the music business as the founder of Virgin.

You have to just love a guy like that because he’s a big dreamer with a tremendous amount of desire. He went from starting his music company Virgin in his basment to launching aircrafts into outer space successfully. And from that, we all see that once you’ve been “Knighted”, excellence becomes a habit.

Unlike earth, space is actually endless and unlimited when it comes to occupying space, leaving no room for a monopoly. It’s the ability to build and conquer your piece, because there is a treaty in position already.

According to The Wall Street Journals Saturday/Sunday, May 20 – 21 2017 (this weekends) edition, there is a 50 year old law called The Outer Space Treaty. The United States and Russia are the founders of the treaty and both agreed not to send military weapons in space.

If I were Sir Richard Branson, I’d not only communicate effectively with other nations about what’s already known about space today, but I’d also find out why India launched 105 satellites recently. And not to sound too far fetched, but half a century ago couldn’t have been realistic about not taking military weapons with us.

I mean not every space explorer should be equipped, but atleast the qualified and the experienced. After all, it isn’t earth and NASA’s discovering new planets all of the time, so it would be extremely hard to believe that earth is alone when it comes to life, considering the fact that “water” exist on other planets.

Even though different countries are at odds with each other on earth, the world must stick togather at all times off of the planet.


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