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It’s deafening, and it rears its head at the most inopportune moments. There’s no expecting it, no way of determining when it shows up. It’s the house guest that’s overstayed its welcome by months and years.

Some of us are in deeper than others, living in a perpetual daily struggle with the minutiae of life. It’s a level of infinite sadness that, no matter how many times you attempt to write it down, or talk it out, or “work through it,” sits rights on your shoulder, much in the same way my youngest son, Danny, does when he’s tired of walking at the fair. Read more by clicking here: Burlington County Times 

Linkin Park
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New release date for “All Sun All Moon” by Duronn “Justis James” Salvatore Merlino Excalibershine January 4th 2018.

All Sun All Moon Book Promo

CLOUT” An 11 Minute Short Film by Duronn “Justis James” Salvatore Merlino Excalibershine

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