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Cam76ers in Camden NJ[Photo by Back2TheFresh’s National Geographic Your Shot. Associated Press]

CAMDEN, N.J. (AP) Camden New Jersey is the new home of the Philadelphia 76ers practice facility. I’ve been around the area ever since they began constructing it. So I watched it come from the ground up. I’ve partied with a few Philadelphia 76ers team players a few years back, so I feel right at home when they are around. The most important question in the NBA right now is, “Will Lebron James get picked up by the 76ers next year, when he becomes a free agent?” Hopefully the answer is quenchable enough to satisfy the anticipation that has infused the sports world.

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New release date for “All Sun All Moon” by Duronn “Justis James” Salvatore Merlino Excalibershine January 4th 2018.

All Sun All Moon Book Promo

CLOUT” An 11 Minute Short Film by Duronn “Justis James” Salvatore Merlino Excalibershine

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