I’ve released a total of 3 albums so far. And I have 1 more to go making it 4 instrumental albums in one year. 4 albums in one year is a good amount to release but I still haven’t come close to Nana Mouskouri. She is in her 80’s now and has released a grand total of 450 albums since she’s been recording. I know some of you are waiting for me to release new songs, and I will when I can. I haven’t been inside of a recording studio in America since 2010. The last time I recorded was in Europe in 2013. So for all of you who say, “What has he recorded lately? And where has he performed?” Don’t worry I still write all of the time being as though I’m with BMI “Until I Finish Later“. The sabotage and hate is just that deep, that’s all. I’ll record as soon as I can. But here are the links to download my 3 instrumental albums free.

  1. Stars And Bars Vol.1 
  2. Stars And Bars Vol.2 
  3. Stars And Bars Vol.3
  4. Stars And Bars Vol. 4Stars And Bars Vol. 4

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BACK2THEFRESH QUARTERLY NEWSLETTER VOL.1 NO. 2 Features Prince Charles, Rothschild Global Advisory, Young Hollywood: Bryshere Y. Gray a.k.a Yazz, and much more. Click here to download Vol.1 No. 2: BACK2THEFRESH NEWSLETTER VOL.1 NO.2

New release date for “All Sun All Moon” by Duronn “Justis James” Salvatore Merlino Excalibershine January 4th 2018.

All Sun All Moon Book Promo

CLOUT” An 11 Minute Short Film by Duronn “Justis James” Salvatore Merlino Excalibershine

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