I’ve released a total of 3 albums so far. And I have 1 more to go making it 4 instrumental albums in one year. 4 albums in one year is a good amount to release but I still haven’t come close to Nana Mouskouri. She is in her 80’s now and has released a grand total of 450 albums since she’s been recording. I know some of you are waiting for me to release new songs, and I will when I can. I haven’t been inside of a recording studio in America since 2010. The last time I recorded was in Europe in 2013. So for all of you who say, “What has he recorded lately? And where has he performed?” Don’t worry I still write all of the time being as though I’m with BMI “Until I Finish Later“. The sabotage and hate is just that deep, that’s all. I’ll record as soon as I can. But here are the links to download my 3 instrumental albums free.

  1. Stars And Bars Vol.1 
  2. Stars And Bars Vol.2 
  3. Stars And Bars Vol.3
  4. Stars And Bars Vol. 4Stars And Bars Vol. 4