(AP) For the past few years the U.S and the world has watched clashes within the U.S from Native Americas, African-Americans & Blacks, and Caucasian Americans.

All of this took place during the end of for U.S President Barack Obama term in office, and at the beginning of U.S President Donald Trumps term in office.

I’ve witnessed it while in the U.S and from afar while in Europe. Here are 3 pieces of film on U.S clashes & rallies.

Native Americans In Standing Rock


African-Americans & Blacks In Black Lives That Matter, State of Emergency: Ferguson, Missouri


Caucasian Americans In Charlottesville Virginia

The last piece of film was on Charlottesville, Virginia this past weekend, and that situation has only turned for the worst.

The U.S has watched clashes & rallies from Natives, Whites, & Blacks. Will hispanics do the same thing inside of America while other nations are threatening her?

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