BACK2THEFRESH (AP) In 2009 when Barack Obama became the 44th President of The United States Of America, everyone saw him as being bi-racial. Everyone knew his mother to be a Caucasian American and his father a Nigerian.

He had to be the most popular person in the entire world. I didn’t vote for him but I was a huge supporter of his. At that time I was neither Democrat nor Republican. I watched how every bi-racial child stood up and supported him because they all felt connected and could Identify with him.

It was an exciting time because history had been made, and most people couldn’t believe that he won being as though he looked the way he did. After a while, I started hearing many African-Americans saying that Barack Obama has never done anything for them, and I couldn’t believe my ears.

During my amnesia in 2012 I decided to vote for the very first time in my life.

So I voted for Barack Obama and he won, making it his second term in office. After a while I took notice to how the African-Americans, who said that he’s never done anything for them, began claiming him to be African-American and not Bi-racial.

The only reason I can think of is because he not only began winning even more, but it finally dawned on them that he was historical. So African-Americans became territorial of him, and tried to pull him down.

I don’t know if he’s fine with that but I’m not. And I refuse to be silent about the idea of him being what he truly is.

The reason I’m being vocal about it now is because both Bob Marley and Bruce Lee were both half Caucasian. But one side managed to dominate who they were in history and I don’t think that was fair. Is there a one drop rule being enforced when it comes to excellence? Because if there is, it’s the flaw of mankind.

I’ll personally always view Barack Obama as being half Caucasian and Half Nigerian.

Racial identity is a huge thing when it comes to achievement. And America has this way of letting you know once you’ve succeeded tremendously.

Once some African-Americans and Hispanics found out that I wasn’t one of them, they became extremely racist towards me when I grew up with them. They did not want me in rap music period. They did not want me topping Jay Z, Lil Wayne, or any great African-American musician in America. The thing that positioned everything into focus for me was when I heard, “Stop acting like you’re black”.

That was highly offensive because I’m a trendsetter.

They did not want to see me involved romantically with one hispanic or African-American female. That’s how racist they are to me. I’m far from racist so I couldn’t believe it.

From that point on the only solution I could have come up with was to always mention what I am everywhere. I say who I am and what I am.

I’m half Italian and half Mohawk. The Mohawk were apart of the original 5 civilized tribes of the Iroquoian in New York, originally called Keepers Of The Eastern Door. The 5 civilized tribes of the Iroquois were: Mohawk, Tuscarora, Huron, Wyandot, and Cherokee. I make it a habit to keep Christopher Columbus and Joseph Brant in my mind at all times.

I have no choice but to bring both cultures with me as long as I live in order to prevent a fight.

Now that Donald Trump is in office we are witnessing many African-Americans oppose him. They opposed him since day one because I’m assuming they had a mission in mind. And if that mission is this American racial war we all are witnessing today, then I’ll leave the country for good.

When the Neo Nazi’s and the KKK began to rise in response to certain actions, the entire country frowned at its audacity. America, make sure that you see why things are taking place and pray to the supreme being for vision in order to make correct decisions, and accurate responses.