BACK2THEFRESH (AP) – Just last year, Camden New Jersey received approximately one billion dollars in funding in-front of it’s neighbor Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is where the Declaration Of Independence was signed in 1776 during the American Revolution.

That’s when the United States became publicly independent of the British Crown, after the British Parliament forced a tax on tea (Boston Tea Party). Camden, New Jersey became historical after the British hid inside of property on Erie Street in North Camden.

Present day, Camden New Jersey is a developing city that is extremely racially divided. It is predominantly African-American and Hispanic, with a rich history plagued with undiluted crime. There is a small minority of Caucasian and Asian American citizens who occupy certain parts of the city, but not enough to change it into the metropolis it’s investors would love it to be.

While Cooper Hospital upgrades its ambulances to Mercedes Benzes, the small business owners are in dire need of business. The citizens constantly complain of being moved out because of the rich.

The gangs have seasonally become solidified in order to conduct business with other organized crime groups. It’s impossible for the Police force not to become involved with illegal activity because of the amount of saturation.

And there’s a terroristic presence so esoteric that not even the Philadelphia FBI can compete with it.

One can only imagine how gangs could have not been infiltrated by a terror organization as loose as their recruitment process is. The vibration in the air certainly isn’t what it use to be.

We suspect that a non islamic terror organization has been the culprit of a silent uprising, that resembles similar patterns of Isis. The copycat definitely has a unique way of presenting itself.