BACK2THEFRESH (AP) After watching the Sicilian author of “Prince Of Omerta”, “Mulberry To Rome”, “Undercover Secrets”, & “The Vindicators” Giovanni Gambino on Fox News a few years ago, stating how the Sicilian Mafia was against terrorism and Isis, I immediately gave them my undivided attention.

I travelled to Gioradini Naxos Messina Sicily on vacation from Scandinavia in the summer of 2013. We all know that Sicily is the home of the mafia and how it was started. According to Giovanni Gambino, the mafia was established because of the Sicilian french oppressors. The Sicilians were obligated to protect the children and women who were being raped by the french during the 1300’s, so the mafia isn’t a stranger to adversity or any evil empire.

Just like Giovanni Gambino, I’m also the son of a mafioso. I’ve never met my father or grandfather who passed away in prison just like Giovanni Gambinos father did. And I’m not a member of any American organized crime family. But I do strongly believe terrorism To be the worlds worst enemy.

Last year a police officer was shot in Philadelphia Pa by the terror organization “Isis”. After that, we began a terror investigation when we found out that “Isis” had a presence in the Delaware Valley (PA, NJ, & DE). Which is just 2 hours away from New York.

It appears as if the American welfare system in conjunction with a trucking pipeline is being used by terrorist, the same way it was used in France last year.

In America “Isis” has recruited blacks and hispanics in the inner city. They’ve done so by infiltrating gangs. In the article Camden NJ is Americas most dangerous city  Sep 5th 2017, I said, “One can only imagine how gangs could have not been infiltrated by a terror organization as loose as their recruitment process is. The vibration in the air certainly isn’t what it use to be.

We suspect that a non islamic terror organization has been the culprit of a silent uprising, that resembles similar patterns of Isis. The copycat definitely has a unique way of presenting itself.”

We hope the Sicilian Mafia is against terrorism the way Giovanni Gambino says it is, because the way it has been maneuvering definitely says, that the general public is out of its league.