After releasing a music and film project this year, I’ve decided to release my book “All Sun All Moon” Tuesday July 4th, 2018 instead of January 4th 2018.

Read parts of the book by clicking here: “All Sun All Moon



Clout is the name of a character from the book “All Sun All Moon”

Excalibershine means: “All Sun All Moon” – chiefprinceadam.com

“About Excalibershine”

Stars And Bars Vol. 4

Music: Download ” Stars And Bars” Instrumental CD Vol. 1,2,3,&4 (2017) by Justis James for free by clicking here: Stars And Bars

“NEO” Release Date: 2018


Now Playing: “Giovanni Lupo” Produced by Duronn “Justis James” @chiefprinceadam .  Purchase for $5,000 or best offer.


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Mastered wave and mp3 file. Commercial usage limit: 500,000 copies.

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