BACK2THEFRESH (AP) I don’t think that Oprah Winfrey should run for U.S President in 2020. Not because she isn’t qualified, but because of Donald Trumps aftermath. Not to mention the fact that the black race and it’s cultures within, aren’t organized and civilized enough from top to bottom in the U.S yet. And as a black leader representing Chicago she should understand that “time is of the essence”.

Donald Trump is the current U.S President, commander and chief. Not only is he surrounded by rumors that undermine his credibility, but they also publicly cease to develop the American culture. The U.S has too many enemies within and outside of it not to realize that it’s involved in a major war world-wide.

In November of 2017, exactly on black Friday, the FBI received more request for weapons permits unlike never before seen in U.S history. North Korea’s leader wants revenge for what the U.S did to his father that bad.

He’s stated that they have nuclear weapons that can strike any U.S city at any time. And thanks to the false alarm in Hawaii (U.S state) last week, we all know how unprepared U.S citizens are. Former U.S president Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, so I’m pretty sure he knows what Japan did to it in 1941 that pulled the U.S into World War 2.

The very same year Barack Obama became president, the Russians publicly did not shake his hand. In the course of his 2nd term in office, he lifted the embargo with the communistic government of Cuba. They are Russian enemies. America chose to do business with the enemies of Russia, so America became enemies of Russia. It can be witnessed on CNN. Hopefully America will not become Sovietized (1917).

And who can forget about Isis? What they’ve done to America is terrifying. The only thing that softened its hate up for America, was President Donald borrowing $360 Billion dollars from Saudi Arabia in 2017. So the U.S allied with Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam. President Donald Trumps strategic moves are revolutionary.

But now since the news of the Taliban re-emerging, and how Saddam Hussein’s grandson was murdered, one can only speculate how someones starting wars intentionally, instead of having an appetite for peace. Too many wars and rumors of wars are taking place.

I don’t doubt your leadership or popularity Oprah. I need you to understand what it takes for someone in your position, to be who you want to become. Because if you do win, every black female and male is going to identify with you, as well as women of other cultures because they love you.

People won’t say you’re half black and half white at the beginning of your presidency and then claim you’re all black like they did with former U.S President Barack Obama. They’ll say you’re black, and then they’ll mention your culture. But I’ll just see you as an American President.

We need you to organize the black race and it’s cultures within the U.S without violence before a huge race war happens. That’s super rich, upper class, middle class, and lower class.

To give another perspective as to how important it is. The American Meghan Markle is scheduled to marry the English Prince, Harry. And that’s post Declaration Of Independence. “Time is of the essence”.

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