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BACK2THEFRESH (AP) 10 years ago, I visited Chris & Irv Gotti of Murda Inc Records recording studio, and it changed my life forever. I sat down and had a brief discussion with Chris Gotti about Hip Hop. The discussion led into how he and his brother Irv, who were just producers and professional music execs at the time, began being viewed as  the real mafia by the U.S government. And at that time they were dropping hit after hit record. With artist like Ja Rule, Ashanti, Black Child, Murda Inc Records was it.

There is no reason to get into intricate details about the discussion, but, I’m glad that conversation took place.

I’ve written about how I was struck by a hit and run driver in 2010 in the suburbs of Voorhees NJ on numerous occasions. And how I’d developed amnesia from it for 4 years straight. No one around me acted as if I was involved in music professionally, and they constantly insinuated that I wasn’t. Hip Hop in America cannot be that evil.

If I weren’t a member of the associated press, I may have been viewed as they once were because of fabricated lies.  I owe Chris & Irv Gotti my sanity and peace of mind. Thank you.

Successful people. I’ve grown to understand that the bottom of the ladder of success is crowded, because they are conspiring to make you fall no matter what industry you are in. 

Chris Gotti is now the founder of ADD VENTURE MUSIC [https://www.addventuresmusic.com], and Irv Gotti is now a television producer. Check out Murder Inc X BET Tales Playlist July 28th.


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