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BACK2THEFRESH (AP) The United States needs a rude awakening about “Welfare Tax”. A “Welfare Tax” is taken out of each and every working class citizens paycheck. That means that “welfare” is a cash benefit you receive if you are on “Public Assistance”. The food program is called something entirely different. That’s a separate program. The food program is called “SNAP”. Usually you receive both welfare and SNAP benefits on a single card. If you just receive SNAP benefits you are not on welfare. That means you are not collecting any “Welfare Tax

The U.S government did not create the welfare and SNAP program to be abused. When those two programs are abused, the working class tends to call someone a welfare case. And then they began to complain about how people who receive welfare and SNAP benefits are lazy and refuse to work.

Let me broaden your horizon and shift your focus a few degrees towards success. Try to view public assistance as a bank. View it as a bank because a portion of your earnings are taken out and are withheld in the form of a “welfare tax” until you come to get it. No one actually uses the phrase “welfare tax” by default.

Just remember that one day, there is a possibility that you may end up in the unemployment line to apply for unemployment. Just make sure that while you’re doing that, you also apply for “Welfare”, because you can do that by law. Collect unemployment and “welfare tax” at the same time. That’s your cash. You’ve earned it. And if you are in need of extra food, apply for SNAP benefits.

How can anyone ever look down on you for being a well-informed citizen? They can’t because you will not allow them too. You’re entitled to receive Unemployment Tax, Welfare Tax, & Income Tax. Those are 3 taxes that comes out of your pay check, and it’s designed for you to collect it back.

The public assistance program can also help you to get a job or start a new career. Apply yourself.

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