BACK2THEFRESH (AP) At 5:00pm EST I attended the Listen And Learn Tour at Coopers Poynt Family School. Katrina McCombs, the new appointed Superintendent, spoke along with Mayor Fransisco “Frank” Moran, and Brian Morton about how Camden Is On The Rise. 

All three speakers were extremely optimistic about the present and future of Camden NJ. Mayor Fransicso “Frank” Moran grew up in Camden NJ, and I quote, “A product of its public school system“. That was all that was needed to be said in order to gain trust from the entire city. Just like Mayor Moran, Katrina McCombs is also a Camden NJ native.

The Camden Highschool graduate is an excellent choice to succeed former superintendent Payton Rouhanifard, who was an Iranian refugee.

Brian Morton, a Camden NJ little league baseball coach, brought promise, commitment, and perseverance. We can really tell that he truly believes in the youth and treats them as his own children.

The “Listen And Learn Tour” was also accompanied by the Concerned Citizens Of North Camden, who’s been around for quite some time. President Luis Gaitan is always a pleasure to meet. With key individuals like him in the community, success is the only option.

“In a dream I saw a city invincible” is Camden New Jerseys motto. That motto comes from Walt Witmans poem “I Dream’d in a Dream“. How true that is.

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