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Hillary Clinton

    • Democrat
    • Lawyer
    • (Former 1st Lady) Married to former President Bill Clinton.
    • Ran for President In 2016
    • Qualified to be U.S President

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Sharise Davids

  • Democrat
  • Lawyer
  • Lesbian
  • Former MMA Fighter
  • Native American

BACK2THEFRESH (AP) Both Hillary Clinton and Sharis Davids are lawyers just like former U.S Barack Obama is. Both are female in a career that’s dominated by men. And both are Democrat. Hillary on the other is married to former President Bill Clinton and was “1st Lady” of the U.S. She also ran for President in 2016.

Sharise Davids (Kansas) is an open lesbian who happens to be Native American. Todays climate in the United States isn’t what it was during Barack Obamas presidency. Sharise Davids will need the support of the gay and lesbian community, Native Americans, attorneys, and MMA fighters, in order to feel comfortable with her position. But first and foremost, she must keep her tribe (Ho Chunk Nation/Tribal Law) in mind at all times.

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